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When Winter Comes


***** White Thrills

Of Summer months many often speak well;
it is Winter through which they prefer
not long to dwell.

Blustery, wild, and icy wet with white gruff;
Winter answers a seasonal calling each year.
What contentious huff!

Digging and shoveling becomes the rule
when grand landscapes turn completely white.
Few win that long duel!

In Vermont, Ben and Jerry stay to reside where
great Green Mountains, snow-capped, are
the slippery objects of glide.

The boys’ cold ice cream is lovely to taste;
sold in snowy New England to lovers of white
who display no measure of haste.

Colors of the rainbow and free pints, too,
for those they employ, keeps the curious coming.
It’s a plan of woo!

Others, however, seek the sublime in poetry, books.
They rebuff delirious entreaties to romp in the fluff,
exchanging wise and learned looks.

Tinkling sleigh bells call from valleys and streets
as children prance through the new fall of snow,
giggling sweetly playmates to greet.

Plows and dump trucks work through the night;
by morning’s new, early light have stacked
dirty white piles at the center of streets.

Memories light and merry at the hearth are told
while hot cocoa boils lively on the stove;
no guest of old is sent out into the cold.

Warm maple syrup from trees of great might,
caps bowls filled with shivery mounds of snow.
What a refreshing, lovely delight!

Logs on the fire rewarm the young and old
gathered for a cozy night’s sweet dreams and sleep,
ready to keep out the lingering cold!


Poem and Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg




Poetry for Military Personnel3

A soldier's salute to the flag in the snow.

A soldier’s salute to the flag in the snow.

***** Soldier’s Salute

Soldiers salute even in the snow;
because they are patriots, you know.

Through the dark of eerie nights,
soldiers salute their flag in fight.

Saluting the red, white, and blue
is a time-honored tradition, not new.

Every soldier knows the salute drill;
good ones revel in reverence, and thrill!

Friends of soldiers, not always of means,
nonetheless share their peace-filled dreams

of days when all may salute their flag
without an Earthly, struggling snag;

without those continuing days of fight,
but because of united, peaceful might.


***FLAG-FLYING Etiquette:
(1) — Never allow the flag to touch the ground or any other object while on display.

(2) — Salute the flag as it is hoisted and lowered, during the playing of the National Anthem and while saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Stand at attention with your right hand over your heart and your hat removed.

(3) — Display the flag outdoors only between sunrise and sunset, unless illuminated by a spotlight.

(4) — When displaying the flag indoors, always position it to the right of a speaker or staging area.

(5) — To place a flag at half-staff, hoist it to the peak for an instant before lowering it to a halfway position.

Flag Etiquette and Depiction courtesy of The Eastern Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Flag Etiquette and Depiction courtesy of The Eastern Paralyzed Veterans of America.




Poem and first and last photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg