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The Faces of Love


***** Love Is the Thing

Love is the thing,
the thing we are, or not.
It’s a fling, a ring, or
it’s dried ink and rot.

Just as Love can
raise you to the heights,
it can wreck you in a heartbeat.

Why are Love and expectations
so intertwined,
so far apart?

Best we leave them
to rightly seek their
own paths within humankind.

More powerful than a locomotive;
faster than a speeding bullet;
able to leap buildings in a single bound;
pressed to overcome all adversity.

It’s Super Love.

It’s unsinkable, though sometimes, unthinkable;
craved, yet at times a subject of such
utter, lonely, harsh remorse;
easily attainable, more easily lost.

It’s Super Love.


Poetry and Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg