Moon and Mind

IMG_0451 (800x600)

***** Moon and Mind

Many poets eloquently describe it a bit;
dogs pitch a baying fit at it.

If the “man” is there, steady and fair,
does it follow that this “man” is rare?

There are those who, blind,
are mad for it in their mind.

Some see a “man” in the Moon;
others just merely go into swoon.

Moreover, Nature becomes one with
the orb, casting tides of myth.

In the everlasting “man” of mind
does romance your soul find?

Does green cheese come to mind:
Or do you “know’st no wane”# find?

Man and Moon do capture attention;
surely both are lords of mention.

As real Men contemplate great potions,
Moon goes ’round with worthy motion.

While a dog is shortly Man’s best friend,
Mister Moon’s life was given no end!

#from the poetry of Edward Fitzgerald (1809-1883)


Poem and Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg


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